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22.06.2017 05:38 Age: 155 days
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Recent increase in data collections harvested through to the AODN Portal from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

Increase in IMAS data collections in the AODN Portal

An example of some of the new IMAS data collections coming into the AODN Portal

We recently reported that users are now able to download data in the form of shapefiles - see story here.  The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) at the University of Tasmania (one of the first adopters of the AODN portal stack) has taken advantage of this new feature and have configured many of their metadata records to accommodate this new feature.  This has had a flow on effect, with a dramatic increase in the number of data collections being suitable for harvest into the AODN - in January we had 9 collections coming from IMAS, and this has now increased to over 40.


The majority of these new additions form part of the Seamap Australia project, which has collated all known marine benthic habitat mapping data from across Australia as part of trialling a new seafloor habitat classification scheme.  As part of the project, the original data in its native form will be displayed through the Seamap Australia website along with the reclassified national mapping product.  IMAS is hosting the data on behalf of all the contributing parties, and has created metadata records to describe these data layers.  The layers will continue to grow as IMAS produce new metadata records to describe this resource.


Other notable IMAS data collections discoverable through the AODN Portal: