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10.02.2011 05:04 Age: 7 yrs
Category: SRS

New IMOS satellite sea surface temperature (SST) products released

The IMOS Satellite Remote Sensing Facility has adopted a new format for its SST products from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers (AVHRR) aboard National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) polar-orbiting meteorological satellites.

The new format, called GDS v2.0, was defined in October last year by the International Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) to assist with international data exchange and collaboration. IMOS is the first to release these SST products internationally.

Through the IMOS Satellite Remote Sensing Facility, the Bureau of Meteorology in collaboration with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research is combining the raw data from the various ground stations around the country to produce real-time high resolution skin SST data products in a range of GDS v2.0 formats.

The new products are a major advancement on the legacy products that are currently available, as they will be more accurate by improving cloud clearing and calibration, and will have a larger amount of associated metadata.  The new products are now available through the IMOS FTP server (ftp://aodaac2-cbr.act.csiro.au/imos/). In early 2011 the facility will incorporate the products into the Australian Ocean Distributed Active Archive Centre (AO-DAAC) before the transition of the AO-DAAC system into the IMOS Ocean Portal. 

For more detailed information please visit imos.org.au/sstproducts.html