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13.10.2015 03:07 Age: 2 yrs
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New Forum for Operational Oceanography Website

It rhymes with ‘new’…

Image credit: Bruce Miller, CSIRO.

Following a successful event held in Fremantle on 21-23 July 2015, the Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography (FOO) is now online.  A new website has been established and can be accessed at http://www.foo.org.au/.
The FOO website has two main objectives.
Firstly, it enables access to the excellent material developed in preparation for, during, and after the July 2015 event.  This is an important stake-in-the-ground for Operational Oceanography in Australia, providing a comprehensive snapshot of where we are now.  And an important baseline against which to measure future progress.
Secondly, we hope that the website will become a valued means of communication between Forum members, and that its content will grow over time based on member contributions.
We’d be very pleased to receive feedback on Version 1 of the website.
Tim Moltmann, on behalf of Jan Flynn and the FOO 2015 Steering Committee