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09.07.2010 01:15 Age: 7 yrs

NCRIS Evaluation Report released by DIISR

In 2009-10, the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research conducted an evaluation of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program.

The purpose of the evaluation was to determine if the NCRIS model provided an efficient, effective and appropriate mechanism for the funding of research infrastructure in Australia.

The full text of the NCRIS Evaluation Report is available on request by email, in print or on CD from the Research Infrastructure Branch, Science and Infrastructure Division GPO Box 9839, Canberra ACT 2601.

The NCRIS Evaluation Report contains an Executive Summary available for download.

The NCRIS Evaluation was conducted by an Evaluation Team chaired by Barry Jones, Head, Industry and Small Business Policy Division. The Evaluation Team drew heavily on the work of Science Panel and an Economic Consultant in the preparation of the NCRIS Evaluation Report.

For further information regarding the NCRIS Evaluation, email NCRIS or contact Helen McFadden 02 6213 6194, Bioscience Section, Research Infrastructure Branch.