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24.07.2009 01:16 Age: 8 yrs
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National Reference Station Biogeochemical Operations Manual Available Now

Gary Critchley has released the Biogeochemical Operations Manual for use.

The Manual is a practical guide for creating quality data for a total of 31 biogeochemical parameters that have been chosen to be collected and analysed from the 9 IMOS National Reference Stations that have been established to provide an on-going time series at points around the nation.

The detailed handbook is written purposefully to describe sampling with constant methods in order to ensure the collection of consistent, quality samples and therefore remove a potential point of error. The data collected will be of a sufficient quality for analysis.

The handbook, guides the operator through sampling, post-sampling sample treatment for storage and preparation for analyses, the complex logistics involved not only in meeting the sampling regime but also in sample movement around the country, the analytical methods, QA/QC of the data, how the data is consolidated and last but not least has metadata produced for it and finally archived at IMOS eMII.

Like any Manual, there are still improvements to be made, future versions of the manual will be updated and provided on the IMOS website.

To download the manual go to the following link: