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08.05.2008 01:23 Age: 10 yrs
Category: AODN
By: Marian McGowen

MEST workshops

eMII are running two workshops over the next few weeks to enable IMOS Facilities to upload data onto the MEST.

The eMII Facility will run two MEST workshops in the next two weeks at the following venues.

Tuesday 20th May 2008 - Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre, Melbourne

Thursday 22nd May 2008 - University of Tasmania, Hobart


The goal of the workshops is to lead people through:

  • Navigating around the M.E.S.T. [Metadata Entry and Search Tool];
  • Searching the MEST;
  • Permissions and MEST behaviour;
  • How to clone a "sample record" and amend the content to describe a specific instance of an IMOS dataset;
  • How to edit;
  • How to delete, or save and manage permissions over a record;
  • How to upload and download data files;
  • How to link related records
  • Permissions and MEST behaviour;

Although targeted at the IMOS Data Facilitators (and Facility Leaders, where relevant), others from IMOS Facilities are also welcome.

For more information please contact Virginia Bowen.