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21.06.2007 04:09 Age: 10 yrs
By: Katy Hill

Meetings with regional Nodes and the IMOS steering committee

IMOS regional Nodes hold meetings to engage the marine community, and provide input to the first IMOS Steering Committee meeting.

The IMOS Director Gary Meyers and Executive Officer Jo Neilson have just completed a series of meetings around the country visiting each of the IMOS regional Nodes as follows:


GBROOS - Townsville 11 May 2007 - (leader) Peter Doherty

WAIMOS - Perth 18 May 2007 - Chari Pattiaratchi

Bluewater - Hobart 30 May 2007 - Ken Ridgway

NSWIMOS - Sydney 4 June 2007 - Iain Suthers

SAIMOS - Adelaide 12 June 2007 - John Middleton


Each of these meetings were well attended by researchers and government and industry representatives with interests in IMOS. Presentations were given by the scientists leading the facilities in each of the Nodes and all were well received by the research community. Thank you to all involved in organising and presenting at these meetings, which in total were attended by over 200 people!


Following these meetings, on 21 June the initial meeting of the IMOS Steering Committee was held via teleconference, and each of the Node leaders participated. The main items discussed were outcomes of each of the Node Meetings, Terms of Reference for the Nodes, the template for the annual report, subcontracts, progress with determining the moorings arrangements for each Node, plus a discussion on the preference for IMOS facilities to focus on sustained observations rather than process studies.