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24.02.2009 05:43 Age: 9 yrs
By: Marian McGowen

IMOS visit SIMS for their Annual Planning Meeting

The 3rd IMOS Annual Planning Meeting was held last week at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) at Chowder Bay

Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS)

IMOS Annual Planning Meeting Participants

The 3rd IMOS Annual Planning Meeting was held on 16-18 February at the SIMS in NSW. There were 44 participants including 8 Board members, Node, Facility and Sub-facility leaders, Operator contacts, and the IMOS Office.

The meeting provided the opportunity for the 11 Facility Leaders to report on their current status, and implementation plans out to June 2011 taking into account the recommendations of the recent internal Mid-term IMOS review.

Node Leaders also reported on the impact of delays to the Node Science & Implementation Plans, Node meetings, how they plan to promote the uptake of IMOS data and a response to the review recommendations.

With most of the major infrastrucure deployed or soon to be, the focus of IMOS in the next few years will be to encourage the use of the IMOS data streams in research projects around the country.