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IMOS Toolbox

The IMOS MATLAB Toolbox aims to provide an automated, easy to use interface for converting raw instrument data into IMOS compatible Quality Controlled netCDF files, ready for handover to the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN). The toolbox can currently process instruments deployed on moorings (time series) or during casts (profiles).  The processing of these files can be performed interactively with a graphical interface or in batch mode.


The IMOS Toolbox was developed and is maintained by staff at the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN); the Toolbox is primarily written in MATLAB with some Java components.  AODN staff are very responsive to change requests and reported issues.


On 21 September 2017 a new version of the IMOS Toolbox was released – version 2.5.33.  The changes released in this version can be found in the IMOS Toolbox GitHub repositoryIncluded in the release were fixes, updates and specifically the support for creating new diagnostic plots used for quality control which are diagram plots of any 1D or 2D variable against DEPTH.


For IMOS Toolbox users interested in reviewing or using the source code or using the Toolbox please read the wiki for more information on how to install and use the IMOS Toolbox. You can also read the licence for copyright and licensing information.  Along with its source code, binaries are provided so that it can also be used without MATLAB.


For additional information contact info(at)aodn.org.au