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22.05.2007 04:12 Age: 11 yrs
By: Katy Hill

IMOS funding agreement signed

IMOS entered into a formal agreement with NCRIS, and recieved the first cash installment.

On 22 May 2007 IMOS became the first of the NCRIS grants to enter into a formal agreement with the Government. In early June the first instalment of the $50 million funding, being $15.682 million was received. The IMOS Office celebrated this major step by hosting thank-you drinks in Hobart for those research, legal, human resources and finance staff based at CSIRO and the University of Tasmania who assisted in finalising the contract. Thank you to all the other people involved in IMOS across the country who have assisted us in reaching this stage. A major research venture such as this involves a large number of people and organisations who are prepared to contribute their time in anticipation of the benefits which will accrue if the grant is successful, and the contributions of all are very much appreciated. A special thank-you to the Department of Science Education and Training Staff who assisted us - especially Kathy Schmutter and Greg Piko, who were always very helpful and patient in answering our many questions in the contract finalisation process. While thanking people will also acknowledge the many hours put in by David Lyons, University of Tasmania Faculty Research Officer, who oversaw all the implementation issues until the IMOS staff were appointed. Better stop there, but again, thanks to everyone.


If you would like a copy of the IMOS funding agreement, please contact the IMOS Office