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IMOS features in Ocean News & Technology’s 2015 Worldwide survey of recent ocean observatory activities

IMOS activities and the impact of IMOS data are highlighted in the Ocean News & Technology September 2015 Issue. Donna M. Kocak, Marine Technology Society (MTS) President-Elect, wrote a 2015 update on worldwide survey of recent ocean observatory activities with the ocean observing committee of MTS.

The Ocean News & Technology September 2015 issue features a worldwide survey of recent ocean observatory activities

The survey reports on activities by operators of ocean observations globally and these are grouped according to regions of the world; Europe, The Americas, Asia and Oceania.

IMOS highlights outlined in the global survey include:

  • Collection of the first water samples alongside the Totten Glacier in early 2015and the subsequent discovery that warm ocean water is melting the largest glacier in East Antarctica from below.
  • Its contribution to the global array of profiling Argo floats which revealed that the hiatus in warming of the sea surface and the lower atmosphere is not representative of the steady, continuing heat gain by the climate system.
  • The redeployment of three IMOS high-precision deep-water moorings in the Southern Ocean to monitor a large array of ocean properties including temperature, salinity, currents, waves, and biological activity, as well as atmospheric conditions.
  • The redeployment of six IMOS deep water moorings in the East Australian Current (EAC) to measure the full-depth transport of the EAC, from the continental slope to the deep ocean off Brisbane.

The article notes that IMOS was formally recognised as a Regional Alliance of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO in 2014.