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28.07.2008 04:22 Age: 9 yrs
Category: AATAMS
By: Marian McGowen

IMOS Call for Proposals - access to AATAMS acoustic receiver pool

The IMOS facility Australian Acoustic Tagging and Monitoring System's (AATAMS) is calling for proposals for the short-term deployment of a pool of mobile acoustic receivers for specific projects.

See below for information, terms & conditions and application form.  

The pool of 25 receivers has been allocated for nearly a year and it is now time to organise re-allocation. Similarly to last year, up to 25 VR2Ws are available for a year (November 2008 to November 2009). Interested researchers should read the information for applicants and terms and conditions prior to completing the application form. Application form, signed agreement to the Terms and Conditions and current CV are due on the 5th of September 2008.

Last year's successful applicants were:

- Field et al: Habitat use and migration patterns of silvertip and grey reef sharks at the Rowley Shoals, Western Australia
- Barnett et al: Movement patterns, habitat use and species interactions of key shark and finfish species in coastal systems
- Fairfax et al: Post release behaviour of juvenile mulloway: Effects of stocking density
- Stieglitz et al: The Yongala Halo of Holes - Who's digging it?
- Dunstan et al: Coral Sea Nautilus tracking project

If you have any queries about this receiver pool, please contact the AATAMS Technical Officer Charlie Huveneers