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11.01.2010 05:01 Age: 8 yrs
By: Marian McGowen

IMOS Advisory Board recommendations for IMOS EIF funding released

The Board has now agreed on a package of Facility Proposals to be recommended for approval in line with available EIF and NCRIS funding, and co-investment as indicated by partners. This package will underpin development of a Project Plan for submission to DIISR in February 2010, with final approval from the Department expected by the end of March 2010.

In line with the IMOS EIF Timetable (http://imos.org.au/eif_timetable.html ), the Advisory Board met on 21st December 2009.  The purpose of this meeting was to assess Node and Facility Proposals against the Five Year Strategy, drawing on review and analysis by the IMOS Office, international peer reviews (for the Bluewater & Climate and WAIMOS Nodes), discussion at the 26th November National Meeting, and further discussion at the Steering Committee Meeting of Node Leaders on 9th December.


A full (46 page) report of the Advisory Board Assessment and Recommendations is available at http://imos.org.au/fileadmin/user_upload/shared/IMOS%20General/EIF/IMOS_EIF_Advisory_Board_Assessment_and_Recommendations.pdf .  This report builds on the review and analysis paper discussed at the National Meeting, and provides an assessment of all Facility Proposals as