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02.11.2011 08:27 Age: 6 yrs
Category: ANFOG

Gliderscope version 3.0 now available

ANFOG glider data visualisation software has been updated with new features galore

Gliderscope v3.0 dashboard gives users a host of options to extract the data they want from ANFOG data files.

Thanks to the imaginative and useful feedback received since the Australian National Facility for Ocean Gliders' (ANFOG) release of Gliderscope last December, a new and more powerful version of glider data visualisation software has been released. Some of the additional features of Gliderscope v3.0 now includes the following:

  • Data selection by area (performed interactively via mouse or keyboard)
  • Data extraction by date
  • Data extraction by local time-of-day
  • Coastline plotting
  • Visualisation of sound velocity through seawater

Gliderscope v3.0 is freely available from http://imos.org.au/anfog_data.html