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11.03.2011 00:34 Age: 7 yrs
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Garnaut launches his 5th update paper, the science of climate change

Ross Garnaut launched his fifth update paper at a public lecture hosted by a number of the nation's leading environmental science organisations in Hobart yesterday.

Professor Garnaut's address examined recent developments in the science in the context of longer term trends, and the implications for the emissions reduction task. Professor Garnaut also reflected on the public debate in recent years about the strength of the science.

In November 2010, Ross Garnaut was commissioned to provide an update to his 2008 Climate Change Review for the Australian Government and community. Professor Garnaut will release eight Update papers ahead of delivering his final report to the Prime Minister by 31 May 2011.

Professor Garnaut said in his address that the scientific case for climate change has been strengthened.

Update paper 5- the science of climate change- is available to download from the Garnaut review website http://www.garnautreview.org.au