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03.09.2013 00:46 Age: 4 yrs
Category: ANMN

Expedition discovers shifting current

IMOS deepwater moorings deployed 18 months ago to measure the East Australian Current (EAC) have been successfully recovered.

Watch the ABC News story here.


The EAC is one of Australia’s most influential natural features, having major impacts on east coast ocean conditions and the nation’s climate.

Much of what we know about the EAC comes from numerical models, satellite observations of the surface ocean, and measurements taken to about 800 metres below the surface.

For the first time, these IMOS moorings have measured the current to full depth of about 5.5Km.

“This is a major undertaking” says IMOS Director, Tim Moltmann.  “To have got those moorings in and out of the water with full recovery of the sensors is a tribute to the science team, the technical staff and vessel crew.  We can’t wait to see what the data are telling us.”

Deployed in waters as deep as five kilometres, the moorings were retrieved without incident during the past 10 days by CSIRO Wealth from Oceans scientists and co-principal investigators, Mr Ken Ridgway and Dr Bernadette Sloyan.