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27.01.2009 05:52 Age: 9 yrs
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eMII visit Queensland

Early December 2008 eMII staff visited IMOS groups in Queensland.

Roger Proctor held discussions at the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation at the University of Queensland in Brisbane with David Green and Kai Lu (ARCS, based in QCIF) on establishing data hosting for IMOS data collected by groups in Queensland.  This would be a part of the Australia-wide distributed data management system based on OPeNDAP servers. Whilst in Brisbane he also took the opportunity to meet with Anthony Richardson (UQ/CSIRO) to catch up on progress with the SOOP Continuous Plankton Recorder operations.

A quick hop north to Townsville where Roger was joined by Sebastien Mancini for 3 days, split between James Cook University and AIMS. JCU hosts the ACORN HF radar facility and we had discussions on radar operation, data types, data formats and data delivery expectations with Arnstein Prytz and his colleagues Geoff Page and Dan Attwater. At AIMS, 50km outside of Townsville, we spent the day with Scott Bainbridge, Mark Reihban and Craig Steinberg reviewing AIMS data delivery plans for IMOS and how eMII and AIMS might form a closer collaboration on data delivery in GBROOS.