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27.01.2009 06:02 Age: 9 yrs
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eMII in the USA

Half the poster hall on Monday 13th December. New posters every day for the week.

Golden Gate Bridge photographed from beside Alcatraz, the infamous penitentiary.

Enthusiastic observing systems visitor! (Jeff Polton)

Resident seal population at Pier 39, Fisherman

During 13th -19th December, the American Geophysical Union Fall meeting took place in San Francisco. This is one of the major environmental conferences held in the USA and was attended by 16,000 scientists. An IMOS poster was presented on 13th December by Dr Roger Proctor and Dr Moninya Roughan (IMOS-UNSW).

This exhibition obtained much interest from delegates with a wide variety of visitors to the IMOS poster. In addition to exchanging notes/calling cards with several other scientists working on observing systems, good contacts were made with representatives of the Marine Metadata Initiative, IOOS, and OOI.

During the week there were several sessions of interest to IMOS-eMII. Notably ones on climate change, marine data management and, supported by Google, a special session on virtual globes and presenting data in a geospatial context.  Roger also had discussions with Rich Signell and Chris Sherwood (USGS-WHOI) who are using NcML to integrate netCDF datasets in different forms and from different originators. This is likely to be useful for the integration of IMOS data with other datastreams (BlueLink operational products for example).  

Whilst in California Roger took the opportunity to attend the University College in San Diego to visit a group in the Super Computer Centre developing middleware called DataTurbine. This is a tool for holding and displaying real-time and near real-time sensor data. This trip arose out of the earlier discussions at AIMS, where Scott Bainbridge is planning to use this to handle datastreams from the IMOS FAIMMS GBR sensors. In weeks to come, Roger is looking into the possibility of using DataTurbine for all IMOS near real-time data.