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30.10.2014 03:49 Age: 3 yrs
Category: AODN

Do you ever wonder about what types of data you can download from the IMOS Ocean Portal?

Better, easier and simpler! We're very excited to show you the new "faceted search" function of the IMOS Ocean Portal. Grouping similar types of measurements together means that finding and downloading data is now easier than ever.

We're proud to announce a significant and exciting enhancement to the IMOS 1-2-3 Portal. 

You can now navigate your way through available IMOS datasets using comprehensive menus of parameters, organisations and collection platforms to narrow your search. We've used faceted menus to group our free, online data collections into related, intuitive classifications that make it easy for you to pinpoint the data you are looking for, and to quickly see other related datasets that might interest you.

Give it a go, and let us know what you think.

Visit http://imos.aodn.org.au/ for free and open online access to Australian marine data.