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18.03.2010 01:49 Age: 8 yrs
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Coffs Harbour line Finished

During February 2010 the AATAMS team deployed the first IMOS/AATAMS acoustic line in a NSW Marine Park. This line runs from the shore at Wooli to the seaward extent of the marine protection area within the Coffs Harbour Marine Park marked by North Solitary Island. Andrew Boomer, Jessica Gwilliam and Phil McDowall all braved torrential rain and severe weather to complete the deployment as planned.

This line will be serviced and maintained by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water and the AATAMS team.

This line will detect an array of animals tagged regionally and locally including White sharks, Bull sharks, Kingfish and Snapper and act as a southern gate for animals tagged in the Clarence River system.

This line will support current deployed infrastructure such as the IMOS/AATAMS Bondi acoustic line in determining the effects of boundary currents and climate change on biological communities.

The line runs through two different Marine Park zones including a complete sanctuary and recreational sanctuary zone.

This line will also complement acoustic equipment deployed by researchers already working in the area and will provide long term acoustic data and temperature data for the Australian

Later this year AATAMS is planning on deploying a similar line in the Batemans Bay marine park on the Southern NSW coast.