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07.08.2014 02:49 Age: 3 yrs

Australia’s new research vessel, the Investigator, will soon set sail for Hobart

Delivery of the new Marine National Facility (MNF) research vessel took place on 4 August in Singapore. CSIRO, who operate the MNF, aim to have the vessel in its home port of Hobart by September 10.

RV Investigator, Image credit: CSIRO

The Investigator under construction, Image credit: CSIRO

IMOS welcomes the arrival of the new blue-water research vessel, as it is vital for the delivery of a number of our IMOS data streams. The RV Investigator is a platform for the IMOS Ships of Opportunity Facility; with equipment that measure and collect data ranging across biogeochemistry, sea surface temperature, air-sea fluxes, ocean colour and bio-acoustic observations of mid-trophic organisms. 

The RV Investigator is also crucial for the deployment of the IMOS deep water moorings, from the Southern Ocean Flux Station and Southern Ocean Time Series moorings in the Southern Ocean, to the deep water arrays that monitor the transport of major ocean currents; the East Australian Current and the Indonesian Throughflow. 

The new vessel will operate from the tropical north to the Antarctic ice-edge and across the Indian, Southern, and Pacific oceans, greatly improving Australia's capacity to investigate and understand marine geological processes, detect and predict changes in the ocean environment and their implications for weather and climate and characterise and manage marine ecosystems, biodiversity and fisheries.

The 93.9 metre RV Investigator has room onboard for up to 40 scientists, who can stay at sea for up to 60 days and cover up to 10 000 nautical miles in a single voyage and has replaced the Marine National Facility's old vessel, Southern Surveyor.