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13.05.2009 01:33 Age: 9 yrs
By: Marian McGowen

Australian Government announces $52 million extension to IMOS

The Government will invest $387.7 million in infrastructure for marine science and climate change research that will improve Australia's ability to respond to climate change and to manage our terrestrial and ocean resources

The new funding is part of the Government's Super Science Initiative - $1.1 billion for critical areas of scientific endeavour - announced last night in the 2009-10 Budget.

Of this, $901.0 million is for "cutting edge research infrastructure" in:

- Space Science and astronomy
- Marine and Climate Science, and
- Future industries involving life sciences and biotechnology

The investment in Marine and Climate science includes a

-$52.0 million extension of IMOS,
-$149.6 million to construct a new marine research vessel and operate   the RV Southern Surveyor until the replacement is available, and
-$55.0 million to construct new tropical marine research facilities at AIMS.

The new funding will also include $50.0 million to provide new high performance computing facilities.

In addition to the Super Science Initiative the Education Investment Fund will support infrastructure that is closely related to IMOS, including:

-$45.0 million for the new UTAS/IMAS building, and
-$19.5 million for SIMS to develop the Chowder Bay site.

IMOS will be provided with enhanced Southern Ocean monitoring capability and extended coverage of northern Australian waters.