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25.09.2008 06:24 Age: 9 yrs
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AusCPR team attend phytoplankton taxonomy workshop with Prof Gustaaf Hallegraeff

September 2008

Dave McLeod

Gustaaf Hallegraeff and Frank Coman

The AusCPR team recently expanded their phytoplankton taxonomy skills at a intensive 3 day workshop in Hobart. The workshop was held by Associate Professor Gustaaf Hallegraeff at the University of Tasmania.

Gustaaf has spent 30 years studying microorganisms in the sea and heads the Harmful Algal Blooms Research Group at UTAS. Gustaaf is a world leader in phytoplankton and his research interests range from limnological and oceanographic field surveys of phytoplankton populations, taxonomy by light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, to biochemistry of microalgal pigments, lipids and toxins, micropaleontological studies of cysts in sediment cores and molecular genetics of cultured algal strains.