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28.04.2008 05:26 Age: 10 yrs
Category: AATAMS

ATAAMS Active tracking system allocated

AATAMS will be supporting several projects through the loan of a VR100 and directional hydrophone.

Congratulations to Dr. Matt Broadhurst, Dr. Vic Peddemors, Mrs. Pratt, and Mr. Speed for securing the use of the active tracking equipment offered by AATAMS (VR100 and directional hydrophone).

This active tracking system will be used to look at bronze whaler shark foraging strategies and feeding efficiency; investigate the effect of abiotic variables on the field diving behaviour of the Arafura Filesnake; document the movement patterns and feeding ecology of reef sharks at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia; and estimate and maximise the survival of key species released by recreational fishers in NSW.

The VR100 and directional hydrophone will be available from March 2009. Contact Charlie Huveneers (charlie.huveneers(at)sims.org.au) if you are interested in using this active tracking equipment.