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05.04.2017 05:13 Age: 257 days
Category: AODN

AODN vocabulary: Geographic Extents

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere has volunteered to be the custodian for the AODN Geographic Extents Vocabulary

Geographic Extents Vocabulary in RVA.

This vocabulary is intended to enhance and replace the old MCP Geographic Extent Names which was used in MCP metadata and which was a derivative of ANZLIC Geographic Extents code-list. The old MCP Geographic Extent Names had not been updated for many years and although it had been created by a previous AODN Technical Committee, it was currently ungoverned.

CSIRO has now stepped in to revitalise this place-name vocabulary and as a result has published an early offering at: vocabs.ands.org.au/aodn-geographic-extents-vocabulary. They plan to regularly update the vocabulary with new entries and a second release is imminent. Andres Roubicek (andres.roubicek(at)csiro.au) is responsible for coordinating the vocabulary. Please contact him directly if you would like to add terms.

It is hoped that as the usage of the AODN vocabularies grows we will be able to establish a more generic and user-friendly mechanism for suggesting new terms and making comments about all current AODN vocabularies.

In the future it is intended to make contact with an international initiative Marine Regions to determine whether Australian content can be added to the global Marine Regions product.

The other AODN Vocabularies can be accessed and published via Research Vocabularies Australia. The most commonly used vocabularies throughout the AODN are: