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AODN Community Engagement - September 2017

September - Presentations and Meetings

  • WAMSI1 Data Discussions, Meeting, Luke Edwards, 01 September 2017

Luke Edwards (WAMSI) had a virtual meeting with Sebastien Mancini and Natalia Atkins from the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) to continue discussions in regards to the upload of WAMSI1 data to the AODN Portal. Discussions centred around which WAMSI1 data would be focused on in relation to appointing someone to a short-term role. The decision was to focus on WAMSI1 data collected by organisations which had a decreased capacity to archive and provide access to the data, with metadata and data to be hosted by the AODN.


  • UTAS Graduate Research Conference, Poster Judging , 7 September 2017

Roger Proctor, AODN Director, acted as a Poster Judge at the UTAS Graduate Research Conference, the 11th in the series, which took place on the 7-8 September at the Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart.  


  • Day in Melbourne, Meetings, 22 September 2017

Roger Proctor visited the Immersive Visualisation Platform facility at Monash University to explore collaboration options for 4D visualisation of oceanographic data collections.


Roger also visited the Bureau of Meteorology for discussions around AODN TAG involvement and is pleased to announce that Boris Kelly-Gerreyn, Head, Data Requirements and Quality in the Data & Digital Group has joined the TAG.


  • International Bio-logging Science Symposium, 25-29 September 2017

Xavier Hoenner attended the 6th International Bio-logging Science Symposium which was held at Lake Constance in Germany.


  • Canberra Visit, Meetings, 28-29 September 2017

Roger Proctor visited Canberra for stakeholder engagement meetings with Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), Geoscience Australia (GA), National Computational Infrastructure and Bureau of Meteorology; these visits included seminars on IMOS and AODN at ALA and GA.


  • Helpdesk, Queries, September 2017

The AODN team saw seven (7) enquiries come through the helpdesk for September. A few queries regarding acronyms came through, as well a couple of questions on what would cause there to be empty fields in a downloaded data set - did you know that if it’s cloudy Satellite radiometer sensors can’t record the Sea Surface Temperature? The variety from month to month sure keeps us on our toes.