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AODN Community Engagement - May 2017

May 2017 – Presentations and Meetings

  • Workshop Sessions for KSA324 – Oceanographic Methods, UTAS – Hobart, May 2017

The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) was invited to become involved for the first time in the University of Tasmania (UTAS) course KSA324 - Oceanographic Methods.  The course focuses on introducing students to research at sea, how to take measurements, as well as data access and preservation. Data access was the main reason for AODN involvement due to the discoveries, visualisations, sub-setting and downloading of data collections in three simple steps that can occur on the AODN Portal, as well as other products available such as MARVL and Gliderscope.

To read more - imos.org.au/fileadmin/user_upload/shared/AODN/AODN_Newsletter_May2017.pdf



  •  Australian Ocean Data Network – Technical Advisory Group (AODN-TAG), Meeting, Hobart, 15 May 2017

The meeting of the AODN TAG was the first meeting since the AODN was adopted by the National Marine Science Committee (NMSC). The NMSC has oversight of the AODN Implementation Plan and this meeting was intended to identify actions to be pursued as part of the Implementation Plan over the next 2 years (July 2017-June 2019). Invitations to take part were issued to all NMSC members and previous AODN TAG participants. The expected outcome of the meeting was a number of potential activities, involving several willing institutions, which could be developed into scoped projects.

For further information about the meeting, the discussions and the outcomes see - https://sites.google.com/site/aodntag/documents/tag-15-05-2017



  • Linking Environmental Data and Samples, 29 May – 02 June

The ‘Linking Environmental Data and Samples’ symposium which was held at CSIRO Black Mountain, Canberra, was attended by Sebastien Mancini and Natalia Atkins (member of the Programme Committee). This is the first time a symposium of this nature has been held in Australia, and brought together over 70 people (including 17 International participants), from universities, government agencies, NCRIS capabilities and research institutions. The symposium brought together leading researchers in earth and environmental informatics with a focus on linking data, with a particular interest in the integration of physical samples with datasets based on these. The symposium included a field trip on the first day to a number of national sample collections around Canberra.



  • National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Canberra, Environmental Linked data symposium, 30 May 2017

NIWA staff have made progress in the past three weeks in setting-up an instance of the AODN infrastructure stack.  A demo version of the Geonetwork catalogue, Geoserver and the portal have been populated with three different dataset collections.

AODN staff have reviewed the initial set-up of these collections and provided feedback in order to improve content of the metadata records, visualisation of the datasets, configuration of filters and possible download options.  The next step is to test the harvesting process into the AODN portal before publishing all three dataset collections.