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AODN Community Engagement - February 2017

February 2017 – Presentations and Meetings


·         Environmental Resources and Information Network (ERIN), Meeting, 7 February

The AODN Director met with a representative from the Environmental Resources and Information Network (ERIN) in Canberra; ERIN in their work with the Environmental Impact Assessment colleagues were looking to understand the nature and volume of data available in IMOS/AODN.  Discussions concentrated on the IMOS open data repositories, along with specific program information including the IMOS facilities, the types of data generated and the discovery, access and download of the data.


·         Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Seminar, 8 February

In a visit to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) in Canberra approximately 30 attendees showed up for the seminar – “Observing the ocean – where the fish live”, followed by an afternoon of discussion.  The focus was on outlining IMOS and the AODN and indicating where IMOS and AFMA could benefit from the exchange of information.


·         Woodside Petroleum, Visit, 14 February

A short presentation was given to a representative of Woodside Petroleum in Perth, Western Australia, on IMOS and the AODN and data processing, followed by discussions with the long-term idea of exposing metadata about Woodside data holdings.


·         University of Western Australia, Presentation, 16 February

The current status of the AODN portal was presented at the IMOS Annual Planning meeting in Perth, see imos.org.au/apm2017.html


·         RPS MetOcean, Visit, 16 February

RPS MetOcean, a company providing oceanographic and meteorological consultancy and services, hosted a meeting with AODN staff at their offices in Perth.  RPS shared their data acquisition and display system, their metadata database and their web browser visualisation tool.  Opportunities for publishing metadata about RPS data holdings were discussed.