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19.06.2009 06:43 Age: 9 yrs
Category: AATAMS

AATAMS/OTN Deployment in Western Australia.

AATAMS and Fisheries Western Australia recently deployed the first International Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) array in the world. This line runs from Fremantle to Rottnest Island and extends seaward from here to the 200 metre mark.

Duncan Bates, Stephane Kirchhoff from OTN with Rory McAuley from Fisheries WA during the Perth deployment

This array is being maintained via in-kind support from Fisheries Western Australia headed up by Rory McAuley. This line of receivers will capture a variety of marine animals including
Great White Sharks that travel around the coast via South Australia and will capture valuable long term data and potential changes in behaviour over time. Recovery of data is set for six month intervals vessel time dependent provided by Fisheries Western Australia.

Two technicians from OTN Duncan Bates and Stephane Kirchhoff pictured below, travelled from Dalhousie University Halifax to Perth to provide valuable technical assistance with equipment and deployment procedures.

This deployment marks the first of three collaborative deployments planned between AATAMS and OTN within Australia. The next two deployment constitute the Bass Strait gates and are set to be deployed off Mallacoota and Port Headland as soon as OTN core funding is approved, planned for later this year.