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07.09.2010 00:15 Age: 7 yrs
Category: AATAMS

AATAMS North Queensland deployments

During August the AATAMS team headed north to deploy the first of the Northern Queensland acoustic arrays as part of the IMOS EIF funding initiative and expand the existing AATAMS national network.

figure 1 deployment locations for Heron and One Tree Islands.

figure 2 the deployment sites for Orpheus Island.

This equipment will play a significant role in the long term monitoring of marine species and provide a back bone for tracking projects on a local and national scale. Together with other oceanographic equipment deployed by IMOS this infrastructure will provide valuable insight into oceanographic influences on many marine species.  Current projects include the tracking of manta rays, coral trout and several shark species.

These arrays are centred around the research stations at Heron, One tree (figure 1) and Orpheus Islands (figure 3) as well as the marine protected area around the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS).

Personal from AIMS, JCU and AATAMS were involved with these deployments. Special thanks to the staff from AIMS particularly Mike Cappo, David Abdo, Stuart Kininmonth and especially Peter Doherty who provided both staff and vessel time on the Cape Ferguson for the deployments around the Capricorn Bunker group and AIMS sanctuary area. In addition the team lead by Colin Simpfendorfer, Michelle Heupel and Andrew Tobin  from James Cook University (JCU) for the deployments around Orpheus Island.