IMOS publications

As part of our annual reporting to our Funding Body, the Department of Education and Training, IMOS is required to report on a range of Performance Indicators. Many are related to how data is used and taken up in scientific publications, research projects and conference and public presentations.

IMOS and AODN staff have created a publication and presentation database to compile and store this performance indicator data. It also allows reports to be created by Facility and Node.

To review what data is neccesary for entering publications/projects/presentations/postgraduates into the IMOS Publication and Project Database, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the data, or corrections, or would like to add a publication or presentation that uses IMOS data please first contact the IMOS office via email: publication(at)

The performance indicator reports can be downloaded directly below. They are listed by Facility and Node.


Research Projects Facility Node

Postgraduate Projects Facility Node


Journal articles Facility Node

Journal articles in press Facility Node

Book Chapters Facility Node

Community White Papers/Technical Papers Facility Node

Conference Proceedings Facility Node

Reports Facility Node

Theses Facility Node


Conference, Workshop or Symposium presentations Facility Node

Public seminars Facility Node

Data Products:

Data Products Facility Node


The Facility and Node reports can be downloaded via individual pages within their section of the website. Direct links to the reports are below.

Facility Reports:

Argo Floats

Ships of Opportunity

Deep Water Moorings

Ocean Gliders

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

National Mooring Network

Ocean Radar

Animal Tracking

Wireless Sensor Networks

Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN)

Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS)

IMOS Office

IMOS OceanCurrent

No Associated Facility

Node Reports:

Blue Water and Climate

Queensland's Integrated Marine Observing System (QIMOS)

New South Wales IMOS (NSW-IMOS)

Southern Australian IMOS (SA-IMOS)

Western Australian IMOS (WAIMOS)

South East Australia IMOS (SEA-IMOS)

No Associated Node