Tuesday 9 August 2016

Long-term Maria Island Temperature and Salinity data product is now available on the AODN Portal

The IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) network provides baseline information required to understand how large-scale, long-term change and variability in the global ocean are affecting the ecosystems of Australia's coastal...[more]

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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Ocean Glider tells quite a tale after 74 days at sea

A torpedo shaped underwater glider has just completed a 74-day journey through the waters of the Great Australian Bight returning loaded with information about the Bight – along with a few battle scars.[more]

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Thursday 7 July 2016

Is La Niña coming?

The Niño indices have turned. [more]

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Thursday 30 June 2016

Marine Matters issue 24 now available

The latest issue of the IMOS newsletter, Marine Matters, is available to download via the website.[more]

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Friday 17 June 2016

WA launches Blueprint for Marine Science

The Western Australian Blueprint for Marine Science Initiative, launched today, guides the foundation of a long-term collaboration between all sectors operating in the marine environment.[more]

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Thursday 16 June 2016

Unique new insights into the life of Southern Elephant Seals

Modern tracking technology and international collaboration have given IMAS researchers and their colleagues from eight countries unprecedented new insights into the life, behaviour and distribution of southern elephant seals.[more]

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Sunday 29 May 2016

A single portal to access marine data

The new-look Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal has been launched today.[more]

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