IMOS Workflows

The AODN has developed workflows for each IMOS sub-facility to describe the flow of IMOS data from planning through data collection to data delivery and public data access.

The primary goals of the workflows are to:


  • Improve data flow and data handoff, making tracking of data status easy and preventing data loss
  • Identify and delimit precisely the responsibilities of each person involved
  • Improve communication at the interface between IMOS facilities (i.e. between the Data Centre and other IMOS facilities)
  • Improve transparency for end users by providing more details to populate metadata records (i.e. limitations and processing methods applied to datasets)
  • Assist in reporting planned deployments against actual deployments and data delivery

The Data Workflow documents are located on the Public Documents section of the User Guide.


If you have any queries about these Workflow diagrams, please lodge a query at info(at)