IMOS Information Infrastructure

The AODN Portal web application is an instance of the AODN Open Geospatial Portal. It is built largely on ExtJS and has a Grails back end. Grails is an opensource framework for web development using Groovy. We chose Grails because we need to rapidly respond to changing user requirements and feature requests. Grails is built on reliable Java technologies such as Spring (for controller logic, run-time configuration, transactions etc). Groovy (the programming language used by Grails) works with existing Java libraries and is consistent with the rest of the AODN information infrastructure, which includes other Java based applications.  The portal is a stateless web application that delivers services provided by external applications (such as GeoNetwork and GeoServer) with no database of its own.  The portal’s server side controllers are built with Grails. The client-side user interface is built using ExtJS, which is an opensource JavaScript library. The map functionality is implemented using OpenLayers, which is an opensource JavaScript library for displaying interactive maps.

The AODN Portal’s search functionality is delivered by GeoNetwork, which is a Java based metadata catalog for geospatial data. AODN is an active member of the GeoNetwork opensource community. The metadata records conform to the ISO19115 Marine Community Profile. The metadata records define the services that the portal uses to deliver data requested by the user. AODN non-gridded data is served by OGC WFS servers. Gridded data is served by the GoGoDuck.

Unit testing and integration testing of the Grails components is implemented using the Grails unit testing framework (which uses the popular Java unit testing framework jUnit). The JavaScript is tested using Jasmin. Continuous integration is configured with Jenkins.

Map layers are delivered via servers supporting the OGC WMS standard.

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