Heron Island

A Wireless Sensor Network at Heron Island was deployed in late 2008. The design looked to understand the dynamics of the lagoon system and the impact of the oceans around the reef on the lagoon.

The base station was located on the existing telecommunications tower (star on the map) and six network relay poles (RP1 to RP6, diamonds on the map) were deployed around the reef to create the on-reef wireless network. Each poles has a single bottom mounted thermistor.

Five Sensor-Floats (SF1 to SF5, circles on map) were deployed in the lagoon, each currently has a single thermistor located on the base or underneath of the float. One of the poles (RP5) also has a weather station mounted on it.

In 2012/13 two new poles were added - these are RP8 on the north of the reef (installed August 2012) and RP7 in the Wistari Channel (installed April 2013). The RP7 pole includes a high speed direct microwave link back to the island to allow for direct transmission of the underwater video as well as then acting as a base station for lagoon wide 802.11 Wi-Fi coverage that supports other instruments. These support two 'wired underwater labs' that allow an intensively wired up underwater laboratory to be created. These support an Australian Research Council (ARC) project at Heron Island as well as a number of new studies. Part of this installation is an underwater video camera that allows real time viewing of conditions at the experimental site.

Sensors deployed at Heron Island

The following sensors have been deployed at Heron Island (2015):

To download a pdf copy of the table below for Heron Island click here.


Platform Type Sensor Type Sensor Model Depth (LAT)
RP1 Pole Temperature MEA Thermistor 1.7m
    Acoustic Pings Vemco VR4 2.0m
RP2 Pole Temperature MEA Thermistor 1.5m
RP3 Pole Temperature MEA Thermistor 2.0m
    Acoustic Pings Vemco VR4 2.0m
RP4 Pole Temperature MEA Thermistor 1.8m
RP5 Pole Temperature MEA Thermistor 1.6m
RP6 Pole Temperature MEA Thermistor 1.5m
    Weather Station Vaisala WXT520 6m height
RP7 Pole Temperature MEA Thermistor 5m+8m
    Temperature Seabird SBE39 18m+12m+9m
    Salinity Seabird SBE37 12m
    Depth Seabird SBE39 12m
    Acoustic Pings Vemco VR4 8m
    Video Axis Camera 5m
RP8 Pole Temperature Seabird SBE39 5.4m+1m
    Salinity Seabird SBE37 5.4m
    Depth Seabird SBE39 5.4m
    Above water Light (PAR) LiCor LI-192 6m Height
SF1 Buoy Temperature MEA Thermistor Surface
SF2 Buoy Temperature MEA Thermistor Surface
SF3 Buoy Temperature MEA Thermistor Surface
SF4 Buoy Temperature MEA Thermistor Surface
SF5 Buoy Temperature MEA Thermistor Surface