IMOS site information displayed through the National Environmental Monitoring Sites Register

The National Environmental Monitoring Sites Register (NEMSR) , is managed by the National Environmental Information Infrastructure (NEII) at BOM.


NEMSR provides a consolidated view of Australia’s environmental monitoring sites. It brings together a diverse range of networks across environmental domains, including seismic monitoring stations, ocean radars, long-term weather observation sites, flux stations, and ground cover reference sites.

The AODN has submitted site information under eight networks listed under the Ocean sites (corresponding to five of the IMOS facilities):

·         Wireless Sensor Networks

·         Ocean Radar

·         Deep Water Moorings

·         National Mooring Network (spread across 4 NEMSR networks)

·         Satellite Remote Sensing


To view the networks - go to the data viewer, “add data” on the left hand side, expand the “Environmental Monitoring Sites Register”, and add any of the ocean networks by clicking “+”. The location of the sites is displayed on the map, and by selecting a point, information is provided about the site in the pop-up window. A potential planned enhancement will have different colours within a network representing active and decommissioned sites.

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