Data processing error now resolved

Recently the AODN was informed of an issue with the wireless sensor networks data collection ( available through the AODN Portal.

The downloaded data was indicated to be UTC, however there was a 10 hour difference between the data collection found on the AODN Portal and the original data provided by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), the organisation operating this Integrated Marine Obersing System (IMOS) facility. This discrepancy was due to a misconfiguration of this dataset at the AODN end, as the time values were written in the local time zone of our server in Sydney. The entire collection has been re-processed and checked against the primary collection at AIMS.  The AODN then conducted an audit in which most collections were found to have been processed correctly only one other was found to have the same issue, the National Reference Station Darwin and Yongola collection ( this was also reprocessed and resolved.  All times on the AODN Portal are now UTC. 

We would like to apologise for this issue.

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