Bio-optical Working Group activities were initiated through a proposal submitted to the IMOS office in October 2009.

An overview of the working group was presented at the IMOS National Meeting in February 2010.

During its first meeting on 23-24 March 2010, the IMOS Bio-optics Working Group (WG) discussed and finalised the Terms of Reference (ToR) for its operations during Jan 2010 to July 2012. 


Recommendations for calibration of backscatter and turbidity sensors

Recommendations regarding National Reference Stations

Recommendations for bio-optical data QAQC

Publication on calibration standards for fluorometers




Dr Martina Doblin (2010–2015)

University of Technology, Sydney NSW

email: martina.doblin(at)

phone: 02 9514 8307


Dr Christine Hanson (2010–2013)

The University of Western Australia, Perth WA

email: christine.hanson(at)

phone: 08 6488 7252