Production of Ocean Colour

A key benefit of the local data production on the NCI system provided by IMOS is that the ocean colour data are available at multiple levels through the processing chain, ranging from at-sensor radiances through to at-surface reflectances, and derived in-water properties, including both standard NASA-supported and experimental products. Additionally it is possible to obtain these data at the various processing levels before they have been remapped or aggregated (in either space or time) enabling their use in a wider range of applications.

The IMOS Ocean Colour processing system provides:

  • whole-of-mission temporal coverage for Australasian region ([5S,90E]-[55S,180E])
  • ability to reprocess, with up to date calibration without need to download from overseas
  • full resolution data (1km for SeaWiFS and MODIS, 750m for VIIRS) 
  • unmapped single swath products for matchup analyses
  • a large suite of outputs such as reflectance at mean sea level, ancillary and diagnostic products to support new algorithm development 
  • un-averaged daily product maps for specific regional subsets 
Products L2 swath Gridded daily Gridded monthly
Chlorophyll (OC3, OC4, OCI, GSM, Carder algorithms) Yes OC3/OC4/GSM OC3/GSM
Diffuse attenuation coefficient at 490nm  Yes Yes Yes
Photo-synthetically available radiation Yes Yes PAR
Water-leaving radiance, RS reflectance Yes
Eppley NPP – VGPM-based net primary productivity Yes Yes Yes
Euphotic and Secchi depths  Yes
Inherent optical properties Yes
Geometry, atmospheric parameters, flags and many others Yes