All vessels collect 38 kHz acoustic data from either Simrad EK60, ES60 or ES70 echo sounders. In all cases the 38 kHz echo sounders are connected to Simrad ES38B transducers. This is a narrow-beam (7°) ceramic transducer with good long term stability and manufacturer supplied calibration parameters.

The Simrad EK60 is a split-beam Windows(TM) operated echo sounder with built-in calibration. It can operate seven echo sounder frequencies simultaneously ranging from 18 to 710 kHz. The EK60 is specifically suited for permanent installation onboard a research vessel. It is still compact and a natural choice for portable use. The Simrad ES60 is a single beam echo sounder that can use up to four frequencies simultaneously.

The basic Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounder system consists of one transducer, one transceiver unit and one processor unit (computer). 

Table: Basic data collection settings


Parameters    38 kHz    120 kHz    200 kHz
Power (W) 2,000 500 120
Pulse length (ms) 2.048 1.024 1.024
Logging range (m) 0–2,000 0–500 0–500
Absorption (dB/m) 0.0098
Sound speed (m/s) 1,493.89