Continuous Plankton Recorder

CPR Papers

CPR methods

Hosie, GW., Fukuchi, M. and Kawaguchi, S. 2003. Development of the Southern Ocean continuous plantkon recorder survey. Progress in Oceanography, 58(2-4), 263-283.

Richardson, AJ., Walne, AW., John, AWG., Jonas, TD., Lindley, JA., Sims, DW., Stevens, D. and Witt, M. 2006 Using continuous plankton recorder data, Progress in Oceanography (click link below for pdf download)

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CPR history

Hardy, AC. 1926. The discovery expedition. A new method of plantkon research. Nature, 118, 630-632.

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CPR performance

Hunt, BVP. and Hosie, GW. 2006. Continuous plankton recorder flow rates revisited: clogging, ship speed and flowmeter design. Journal of Plankton Research, 28, 847-855.

Comparing of CPR with other net systems

Batten, SD., Clark, RA., Flinkman, J., Hays, GC., John, EH., John, AWG., Jonas, T., Lindley, JA., Stevens, DP. and Walne, A. 2003. CPR sampling: the technical background, materials and methods, consistency and comparability. Progress in Oceanography, 58, 193-215.

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Hunt, BPV. and Hosie, GW. 2003. The continuous plankton recorder in the Southern Ocean: a comparative analysis of zooplankton communities sampled by the CPR and vertical net hauls along 140

Plankton Taxonomic Guides

Dakin, WJ. and Colefax, A. 1940. "The plankton of the Australian coastal waters off New South Wales Part I." Publications of the University of Sydney: 210. 44MB

"With special reference to the Seasonal Distribution, the Phyto-Plankton, and the Planktonic Crustacea, and in particular, the Copepoda and Crustacean Larvae, together with an account of the more frequent members of the groups Mysidacea, Euphausiacea, Amphipoda, Mollusca, Tunicata, Chaetognatha, and some reference to the Fish Eggs and Fish Larvae" - William J Dakin and Alan N Colefax.


Taw, N. 1975. Studies on the zooplankton and hydrology of south-eastern coastal waters of Tasmania. Hobart, University of Tasmania. 48MB

A PhD thesis covering the taxonomy of the Calanoid Copepod families: Calanidae, Eucalanidae, Paracalanidae, Pseudocalanidae, Centropagidae, Metridiidae, Temoridae, Pseudodiaptomidae, Lucicutiidae, Heterorhabdidae, Candaciidae, Pontellidae, Acartiidae. Also included are other Decapoda, Chaetognatha and Tunicata.