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Julian Uribe-Palomino, CSIRO-IMOS


Plankton abundance data now available in easier to use formats

Phytoplankton and zooplankton abundances are measured in samples obtained with the IMOS Ships of Opportunity facility's Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR), and the National Reference Stations (NRS) water sampling program.  Hundreds of species are identified in each sample, and the resulting data are presented in four separate collections on the AODN Portal (phytoplankton and zooplankton separately for each of CPR and NRS).

To date, the data have been downloadable only in a basic "flat" table form (as comma-separated-values - CSV), with each row representing one species found in each single sample.  Users and facility operators have told us that this form of the data is very difficult to use, and lacks information about species absences.  In response to this feedback, we are now able to provide access to more user-friendly data products created by Claire Davies from the CSIRO plankton group.  These can also be downloaded in CSV format, but contain only one row per sample, with each species (or higher taxonomic grouping) presented as a separate column.  An absence species (abundance= 0) is now clearly distinguished from one that was not searched for in a particular sample (indicated with a value of -999).  For each collection, there are four (or 5 for zooplankton) tables available, all presenting the same data, just in different groupings:

* Raw data includes all identifications, non phytoplankton i.e. pollen, unconfirmed identifications i.e. '.cf' , size classes i.e. Thalassiosira 10-12 um. ;

*Data at species level, i.e. Noctiluca scintillans, Tripos vultur,etc. (Zooplankton split further into Copepods and non-Copepods) ;

*Data at genera level, i.e. Thalassiossira spp., Navicula spp., Chaetoceros (hyalochaete) spp., etc. ;

*Data binned into higher taxonomic groups, i.e. calanoid, cyclopoid, chaetognath, larvacean etc.


These data products are now here:

IMOS - AusCPR: Phytoplankton Abundance

IMOS - AusCPR: Zooplankton Abundance

IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) - Phytoplankton Abundance and Biovolume

IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) - Zooplankton Abundance

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