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Julian Uribe-Palomino, CSIRO


IMOS Australian Plankton Survey 2017 Newsletter - available now

The IMOS Australian Plankton Survey Team have wrapped up their latest newsletter detailing the highlights of 2017.

Read about:

  • NRS Sample Progress

  • CPR Sample Progress

  • Shipping Update

  • NRS Sampling / Field Work

  • Brisbane Lab Update

  • Hobart Lab Update

  • TRV Umitaka Maru Southern Ocean voyage 

  • Zooplankton Biomass Database

  • Our plankton research features on TV 

  • 13thInternational Copepoda Conference

  • Biological response to Ocean Macronutrient Fertilization 

  • IMOS Zooplankton Ocean Observations and Modelling (ZOOM) Task Team Meeting 

  • Influence of oceanographic conditions on coastal zooplankton assemblages at three IMOS National Reference Stations in Western Australia 

  • Nutrient cycling by zooplankton in Moreton Bay 

  • Investigating reef manta ray food in Hanifaru Bay, Maldives 

  • Plankton Photo Gallery

    We hope you have a moment to catch up on these latest research activities… 

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Facility Leader: Dr Rudy Kloser

Email: rudy.kloser(at)

Phone +61 (0)3 6232 5389

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