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from left to right: David McKinnon, Claire Davies, Dave McLeod, Anita Slotwinski, Anthony Richardson, Sarah Pausina, David Tranter, Helen Tranter, Peter Rothlisberg, Joan Greenwood, Jack Greenwood


David Tranter Reference Collection donated to the Cleveland Plankton Labs

The CSIRO Plankton Ecology Laboratory (Cleveland, Qld) recently hosted the opening of the David Tranter Plankton Reference Collection. This collection is a comprehensive compilation of rare and out-of-print zooplankton reference guides and materials that Dr David Tranter collected over a 40 year career in zooplankton ecology. He has generously donated the collection to CSIRO, and it is actively being used by the team at the Cleveland laboratory. It has been fully catalogued and all guides are available for external loan.

The collection includes over 100 bound volumes and many separate issues, and includes the renowned plankton works of Sars, Russell, Rose, Giesbrecht, Sewell and Gurney from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many of these books are not housed anywhere else in Australia and together represent the best taxonomic works available for zooplankton identification in the world, mainly due to the general international demise of taxonomic work. The volumes cover a broad range of zooplankton taxa including copepoda, decapoda, mysidacea, siphonophora, schizophora, tunicate, amphipoda, chaetognatha, hyperiidaea and euphausiacea. Many of the books have exquisite drawings and are a cherished addition to the Cleveland Plankton Ecology Lab. The library is used on a daily basis by the plankton team for identification of zooplankton to species level from samples collected as part of the Integrated Marine Observing System of Australia (IMOS).

The library opening was held in Cleveland in August and saw three generations of plankton ecologists within Australia come together. Dr David Tranter and Helen Tranter (formerly CSIRO), Dr Jack Greenwood and Joan Greenwood (formerly University of Queensland), Dr Peter Rothlisberg (CSIRO), Dr David McKinnon (Australian Institute of Marine Science), Dr Anthony J Richardson (University of Queensland/CSIRO), Sarah Pausina (UQ PhD student), Dave McLeod, Frank Coman, Claire Davies and Anita Slotwinski (CSIRO).

The AusCPR team are very grateful to David for the valuable contribution to the zooplankton reference collection within CSIRO. David

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