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Australian Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey ~ newsletter no.2 out now

Welcome to the second edition of the AusCPR newsletter. The AusCPR newsletter has been created to give people more information about the survey, what we do, what we have found so far and our plans for the future.

This edition features:
- plankton data update
- introduction to the new QLD Ecosciences Precinct plankton lab
- updates from the Tasmanian and Western Australian teams
- a note on our new CTD-F equipment
- an article on our involvement with the international 'Malaspina expedition'
- celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Southern Ocean CPR survey

The newsletter will be issued every 6 months. If you wish to be added to the 'AusCPR Survey Friends and Supporters List' and receive newsletters and research updates please email Anita.Slotwinski(at)

We hope you enjoy the read. Click here to download the newsletter. 

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Facility Leader: Dr Rudy Kloser

Email: rudy.kloser(at)

Phone +61 (0)3 6232 5389

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