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Mark Tonks


AusCPR team welcomes new team members

Mark Tonks joins the team at Cleveland and is currently carrying out zooplankton analysis of the National Reference Stations (NRS) samples. Mark will also be carrying out plankton analysis on the East Australia Current route of the AusCPR project, as well as being involved in the expansion of the route to Adelaide. Mark has worked with CSIRO at Cleveland for 19 years and has a considerable range of experience that he brings to the team. As well as being a part of the AusCPR team, Mark is also involved in other projects including the Moreton Bay Marine Park Project, where he is looking at the impact on the way people use the bay as a result of the recent rezoning of the marine park. He is also a part of a Crew Member Observer Program run by the Northern Prawn Fishery that collects data on

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