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AusCPR Biomass Index

The IMOS Australian Plankton survey is a joint project between CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere (O&A) and the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) to measure plankton communities as a guide to the health of Australia's oceans.

Currently three collections from this project are discoverable on the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal:

  • IMOS - AusCPR: Zooplankton Abundance
  • IMOS - AusCPR: Phytoplankotn Abundance
  • IMOS - AusCPR: Phytoplankton Colour Index (PCI)

A new collection forming part of this project has just been published through the AODN Portal - "IMOS - AusCPR: Biomass Index (mg/m3)"

The Biomass index represents both phytoplankton and zooplankton species, and is analysed from the same segment from which all 3 collections above are also analysed.  The index is derived from the dry weight of plankton biomass from each silk segment, reported as mg of plankton per metre cubed of water filtered (mg/m3). 

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