Continuous Plankton Recorder

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2018 Annual Newsletter for the Australian Plankton Survey available now

Includes details of the newly published Plankton book.

Also included in this edition:

  • The Team                        
  • Sample map                                  
  • Sample progress                                                            
  • Shipping                                         
  • National Reference Station field work update    
  • Brisbane lab update                                                          
  • Hobart lab update                                                                              
  • New Book  - PLANKTON:  A Guide to Their Ecology and Monitoring for Water Quality                                                         
  • Siphonophores from surface waters of the Colombian Pacific Ocean                                                                                                   
  • A database of chlorophyll a in Australian waters                   
  • BioTIME: a database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene                                                                                    
  • Tintinnid diversity at the National Reference Stations              
  • Taxonomy of the dinoflagellate genus Tripos in Australian waters                                                                                                  
  • Two new species of micro-medusa from Australian waters     
  • AMSA 2018 – Canyons to Coast                                                
  • State and Trends of Australia’s Oceans – An assessment of our pelagic environment                                                                         
  • Trichodesmium Workshop Hobart                                                 
  • Participation at Pint of Science Event:
  • Fortune-telling Oceans, Tiny & Powerful                                      
  • Australian Antarctic Festival                                                            
  • PhD: Modelling Marine Communities to Produce the First Global Data-Driven Bioregionalisation and Inform Conservation                                                                         
  • Honours Project: Testing macroecological hypotheses that drive community structure of zooplankton in the global ocean        

Download the edition here.

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