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    Thursday 1 October 2009

    David Tranter Reference Collection donated to the Cleveland Plankton Labs

    The CSIRO Plankton Ecology Laboratory (Cleveland, Qld) recently hosted the opening of the David Tranter Plankton Reference Collection. This collection is a comprehensive compilation of rare and out-of-print zooplankton reference...[more]

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    Friday 28 August 2009

    ANL 'Windarra' collects plankton for the AusCPR survey monthly

    The ANL 'Windarra' has been towing a Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) on a monthly basis for the AusCPR survey down the east coast of Australia (from Brisbane to Melbourne), whilst on its regular shipping route...[more]

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    Wednesday 4 March 2009

    AusCPR team member awarded a CSIRO Early Career Development Grant

    Anita Slotwinski, Plankton Biologist for the AusCPR Survey, has been awarded an early career development grant of $7,800 through CSIRO[more]

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    Friday 16 January 2009

    AusCPR team member visits SAHFOS laboratories in Plymouth

    Frank Coman spent two weeks visiting the SAHFOS laboratories in Plymouth in December 2008. The main purpose of the visit was to discuss procedures that may increase the likelihood of attracting a commercial ship to collaborate on...[more]

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    Thursday 25 September 2008

    Continuous Plankton Recorder features in Museum exhibition

    The Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) is a part of the Islands to Ice exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. The new exhibition explores the definitions, perceptions, mythology and motivations of...[more]

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    Thursday 25 September 2008

    AusCPR team attend phytoplankton taxonomy workshop with Prof Gustaaf Hallegraeff

    September 2008[more]

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    Wednesday 3 September 2008

    AusCPR team expands phytoplankton skills

    July 2008[more]

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