The RV Southern Surveyor, working mainly in Australian temperate coastal waters, was the first of the IMOS ship of opportunity vessels to begin collecting air-sea flux measurements.

The Southern Surveyor began measuring and providing high quality near real time data streams in April 2008 until October 2013 when the ship was decommissioned. Its replacement ship the RV Investigator began providing air-sea flux measurements in 2015. The Southern Surveyor has also provided meteorological sea surface observations since February 2008. The Investigator covers shelf and offshore waters around Australia from the tropics to the sea-ice edge.

In December 2010 the RV Aurora Australis began to measure air-sea flux on voyages between Australia and the Australian Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations. These Southern Ocean measurements provide improved knowledge and mapping of air-sea fluxes in this region.

RV Tangaroa is the newest addition to the air-sea flux fleet of ships of opportunity. In cooperation with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research and the NZ Met agency the RV Tangaroa has provided real time air-sea flux measurements in the oceans around New Zealand since April 2011.